Friday, October 7, 2011

A Country Run By Pychopaths

I suspected as much:

Indy UK - The Difference Between A Politician & A Psychopath: None

    • Oh, darn...

      There are a number of American politicians who've been caught doing something illegal, unethical, mind-bogglingly self-destructive, or all of the above. And yet, none accept that they did anything wrong.

    • gets worse!

      The following commentary includes material obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Analysis Unit.

    • The final word for the night, courtesy of Dr. Hugo Marietan, professor at the University of Buenos Aires. He explains the 3% of the general population as being pychopaths thusly:

      QUESTION: "How to distinguish a psychopath politician from the one who is not?"

      ANSWER: "A basic characteristic of the psychopath is that he is a liar, but not any liar. He is an artist. Lies with the words, but also with his body. He acts. He may, even, pretend sensitivity. You believe him over and over because he is very convincing. An usual leader knows that he has to accomplish his function during an estimated time. Once the task is accomplished, he leaves. The psychopath, however, once he is at the top, no one can get him out: he wants to be once, twice three times. He can’t release the power, and least of all rely it on someone else. Perhaps, you remember someone like that? Another distinguishing feature is his ability of manipulate people. Arround the psychopath leader, we can find submissive people, who under his persuasive effect are able to do things that otherwise he wouldn’t."

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