Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exclusive Town: Aspen, CO or Woodstock, NY?

An update on the ongoing saga of Woodstock Commons, a 53-unit rental Workforce Family & Senior Housing Community under construction near the center of Woodstock, NY; the story presents a unique blend of colorful, crazy, and urgent.  To be continued, without question...

A few, loud NIMBY BANANAS hen-pecked the Woodstock Planning Board into actually considering revocation of the special use permit granted in August, 2010, after construction started...convening an unprecedented post-approval public hearing, despite no violations cited, and no due process exercised.

Environmental concerns were carefully and comprehensively studied and designed into Woodstock Commons, over the course of a 5-1/2 year planning process

It is but one more reason that we have a serious problem, where too few hold sway over too many. "Exclusive" towns like Woodstock, NY need to urgently address the great disconnect they have with the PEOPLE.

The all-too-vocal leader of SAGE, Iris York, points to Aspen, CO as one such exclusive enclave where such housing couldn't possibly exist. And why would lower wage earners even want to live there?

In reality, Aspen offers up at least 39 rental properties (with several hundred studio, 1, 2, & 3BR units), according to the Aspen/Pitkin Housing Office Rental Work-Force Housing map:

Aspen Housing Map

It turns out that Aspen gets it; Woodstock and it's self-appointed Elite do not.

Let's get on with the work of creating new and healthy homes for deserving families and seniors.

Original New York Times article

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