Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fracking Observations, continued...

Anybody see this?  Anybody care?  160 million cubic feet of natural gas wasted, in North Dakota alone, EVERY DAY.  Do you trust the oil & gas companies when they advocate an URGENT NEED for more hydrofracking across New York and along the Marcellus Shale Formation?  They cannot even manage the wells already drilled and "functional."  

NY Times article on North Dakota Wasted Gas

AND because math is fun:

96.7 cubic feet of natural gas 1 therm; 400 therms consumed annually per household (CA) = 38,680 cubic feet

 160,000,000 / 38,680 c.f. = 4,136 households

4,136 households X 365 days = 1,509,824...that's how many houses of 3 occupants each could receive electricity, FROM THE WASTED NATURAL GAS IN NORTH DAKOTA.

The next time you hear someone spew about the alleged virtues of natural gas drilling, tell them to go hydrofrack themselves.  As if the chemicals in the ground and water wasn't enough of a reason to ban the process outright, already!

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