Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fracking Observations...

When the first dozen natural gas fracking rigs start showing up across New York's uniquely beautiful landscape, when the second hundred artificial ponds of toxic muck start oozing into the groundwater, when the third thousand homeowner experiences benzene-laced tap water...will that be when you wonder why you didn't call your congressman or what the price of inaction really is?

This is what hydrofracking ("coal seam") looks like in Australia...imagine the same in New York. The difference here SEEMS to be the gas company still needs permission to drill on one's private property - in Queensland and elsewhere in Australia they have imminent domain. Large sections of New York, becoming industrial waste lands. Are YOU concerned?
What the frack is it going to take for people to wake up? An environmental disaster is at our kidding!

     Thanks to Dick Cheney and the "Halliburton Loophole," the states are left to write and enforce regulations on an otherwise highly unregulated industry with significant health implications to our communities and the environment. If Ohioans are okay with seeing another 80,000 wells drilled in their great state, remain curiously incurious about exactly what toxic stew of chemicals is being introduced to their groundwater, waterways, and air, and prepared to sell out their children's future all for a short-term economic high, then by all means Ohioans should go for it.
I like to think that New York still has an opportunity to avoid the serious mistakes other states have made in allowing the natural gas companies to run roughshod over the land, for a few gold coins. You (and too many Americans) fail to understand the magnitude of the destruction this practice can wreak. I recommend that folks do some homework before giving the gas companies the green light, and celebrating unbridled excitement for the economic boon the towns will enjoy. In NY, we are going to fight the P.R. companies that candy-coat the natural gas chemical treats, strongly voice our opinions to our representatives, and scrutinize the DEC fracking rules that were just made public.
If only we had a Federal government that had the constitution to stand up to corporate puppets placed in "public service." There are many better ways to generate heat and electricity, just not the big money or big P.R. to counter the fake "clean energy" corporations. Unfortunately, the big wallets usually win...but not always, and not in Our State.

Hydrofracking 101, for those interested in the future of our environment and collective health.


...and on the BRIGHT SIDE...

What a nascent, TRUE green economy looks "JOBS":

"Rhone Resch, President of The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), said that the solar industry employs 100,000 Americans and that that number could double in the next two years. Within a few years, the US will be the world’s largest solar market, according to SEIA."

This country needs a comprehensive energy policy that is NOT heavily ramping up relianance on hydrofracking in any way, shape or form.  Geothermal, Solar, Hydro, Wind, much potential, and the technology to tap these non-fossil fuel resources available TODAY.  What are we waiting for?

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