Friday, September 23, 2011

Shame of the Nation: Capital Punishment

Troy Davis set to be executed in Georgia before midnight tonight. If ever there was a reason and cry to revisit and abolish capital punishment, it has presented itself tonight in a swift, tragic unfolding of events. The Supreme Court has utterly failed in it's mission to exact justice, it has given new meaning to "Justice Is Blind." Never mind that President Jimmy Carter, the Pope, Desmond Tutu, a group of retired prison wardens, and millions of citizens around the world urged the Georgia State Pardon and Parole Board to at least - AT LEAST - consider new evidence and recanted testimony of SEVEN eyewitnesses. I am ashamed of our Supreme Court, and that our country even has capital punishment - a medieval concept.

If Texas Governor Rick Perry - who gleefully, sadistically endorses executions and swaggers about his State's tally of executions - were to become President, I AM OUTTA HERE. At least in Canada, there is still civility.

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